B-Post — Blockchain application built on Cognitochain wins Tech Sabha Award

2 min readSep 14, 2020


The government of Telangana’s B-PoST (Blockchain-Protection of StreeNidhi Transactions) won the Indian Express Technology Sabha Award 2020. The award was received by Smt. Ramadevi, Director of Emerging Technologies on behalf of the government.

Technology Sabha Awards are given to Government departments that demonstrate the innovative use of technology for distinct benefits to the stakeholders.

B-PoST is a Blockchain application developed by Cognitochain team— to empower poor women, especially the unbanked and underbanked population, and propagates financial inclusion.

Traditionally, SHG borrowers cannot access the formal financial sector for credit, as there is no credible way to establish their creditworthiness or to assess borrowers’ risk profile.

Using a trail of tamper-proof transactions on a decentralised blockchain-platform, a credit rating can be derived for StreeNidhi Self Help Groups (SHGs). These ratings can also be shared with other financial institutions, which in turn improves the access of SHG members to lending from formal financial institutions, without the need to furnish collateral. This can be a lifeline for small businesses struggling to function in the COVID era.

For StreeNidhi(Micro-Finance Institution), the solution increases transparency by providing auditable financial metrics, enhanced supervision and regulatory oversight.

For the pilot phase, loan disbursement and repayments of StreeNidhi for all 1.5 lakh members in the Rajanna Sircilla District of Telangana will be recorded on cognitochain blockchain.

About Cognitochain:

Cognitochain Technologies Pvt Ltd. is on a mission to empower unbanked and underbanked with affordable access to credit. Cognitochain is a blockchain based platform for Microfinance Institutions(MFIs)

Institutions joining the network can exchange borrower economic history ( blockchain based credit score), reducing operational costs, detect fraud and automate credit decision making.

Borrowers can utilize the score to avail better credit and other financial services like micro-insurance.

Govt and Regulatory authorities can tap into the network for auditing and identifying systemic issues and take proactive steps to mitigate potential risks.