As the COVID-19 pandemic continues ravaging the world, there have been concerns by players in different industries on their operations and continuity post-COVID. The pandemic is a threat to lives and livelihoods in all corners of the world and has created many challenges for businesses, some of which had gone bankrupt. The damage created by the pandemic has not spared microfinance institutions (MFIs) and their clients. Unfortunately, there has been little focus on how microfinance institutions have been affected and how they have responded to it.

How the pandemic has affected lenders and borrowers in the microfinance industry

The COVID-19…

Cognitochain team is extremely excited to invite Dr. Srikanth Sundararajan, Partner at Ventureast to join us as an Advisor.

Dr. Srikanth brings with him 25+ years of innovative software and entrepreneurial experience and 8+ years in investments with a host of leading technology firms in India and the US.

Prior to Ventureast, Dr. Srikanth has worked at HP, Informix, and was part of the executive leadership team at HCL, CTO at Cognizant and the COO at Persistent. He had also successfully founded his own start up, Pretzel Logic Software Inc., which was acquired by BEA, now Oracle.

He is also…

The government of Telangana’s B-PoST (Blockchain-Protection of StreeNidhi Transactions) won the Indian Express Technology Sabha Award 2020. The award was received by Smt. Ramadevi, Director of Emerging Technologies on behalf of the government.

Technology Sabha Awards are given to Government departments that demonstrate the innovative use of technology for distinct benefits to the stakeholders.

B-PoST is a Blockchain application developed by Cognitochain team— to empower poor women, especially the unbanked and underbanked population, and propagates financial inclusion.

Traditionally, SHG borrowers cannot access the formal financial sector for credit, as there is no credible way to establish their creditworthiness or to…

Loanbase — Tokenized P2P Debt Marketplace

Loanbase provides access to dharma — universal protocol for credit on the blockchain. Cryptocurrency investors aka HODL’ers can continue holding their favourite cryptocurrencies and release liquidity.

Marketplace Lending — Peer 2 Peer Loans:

In 2005, A new type of credit was born: Marketplace lending. The phenomenal growth of peer-to-peer lending was a direct result of the 2008 economic recession. Banks vacated the consumer and SMB lending space, which allowed fintech’s to capture the demand left by that gaping hole.

According to Morgan Stanley, the market for Global Marketplace Lending may reach $290bn. by 2020, with an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate…

Introducing Cognitochain — Decentralized Platform for Microfinance

Hello, world!! We are excited to announce Cognitochain. Cognitochain’s mission is to provide access to credit for millions of unbanked/underbanked people around the world. To realize our vision, we are building an open platform based on Blockchain technology that powers existing and startup Non-banking financial institutions with cutting edge technology that is built on the foundations of Privacy, Security and Immutability.

This is first in a series of posts about Congnitochain’s vision, Current state of the microfinance industry and the key problems we have set as our mission to solve.

Microfinance and The Unbanked:

Microfinance institutions (MFIs)…


Decentralised Platform for Microfinance

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